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Boby Chemmanur No.1 Chits is a new venture of Chemmanur International Group.

Guided by the vision and determination of Dr.Boby Chemmanur, Boby Chemmanur No.1 chits pvt Ltd made its humble beginning in November 2014 and has been registered under the Chits Fund Act 1982. The Chit is a traditional business which is strongly regulated by the State Government and Central laws and the Reserve Bank of India. It  is a unique financial concept, which has flexibility to borrow or save. Therefore being an innovative venture of Chemmanur International Group, with in a short span of time , the firm has succeeded in earning the trust of customers with a unique service-oriented approach and also has a proud track record of devising customer friendly Chit Fund Schemes that cater to the credit needs at a minimum cost by the proper management over the chit operations. In this vast changing scenario, our unchanging values like honesty of performance, professional integrity, high quality of service and absolute financial discipline helped us to be a recognized chit fund company in Kerala.