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Our life is a great gift from the God Almighty and in a real sense it will be fruitful and fertile only when there is a clear “Vision” for it. The history behind the growth of Chemmanur International Group is only because of a Great mantra “Be the Owner of your Company in your deeds”. As the leader of this Group I am very happy and so proud to say that the success of this Group and the prolific way we achieved it is an example to many, that ‘Team work and Ownership’ feeling can do wonders. Every individual is having a commitment not only to self and family but also to the Society. From the lowest profit margins we earn I am committed to serve the needy section of the society. What I am driving at is the value of relationships and commitments expected. In our country, if lakhs of people go to bed every day hungry for food, millions of people go to bed hungry for love, hungry for a feeling of belongingness. Any person, how ever rich, famous, and successful he may be, also needs the love and support of people around him. Our aim should be to identify this need in others and help them out.

Everyone’s ultimate quest for life is how to be happy and live life powerfully. This is possible through discovering ourselves and bringing out the best in us. Take a look around you,Take a look at your life,We are constantly changing, growing, and sharing in the energies that bond us in the “being-ness”.Now, this might elementary to some, but to some others this may say something much deeper. Like we are all constantly helping-or not helping- in some way or another, on some level or another within ourselves, to contribute either positively or negatively, to create the world in which we live. It is in helping others, in contributing in Positive, loving ways, and in giving of ourselves that we GAIN and GROW and ATTRACT the very same ABUNDANCE to our own lives.The world of today is evolving more and more, constantly, in awakening to this. So let’s look how we can affect others, probably in millions of ways. Let’s apply what we already know and DO something positive with that knowledge, philosophy and mindset. How can we affect others, contribute in a better and more positive ways and –on a truly cosmic level-impact and influence the very cycle of evolution we exist in.

My future vision regarding the Chit Fund business it to reach maxium people in all sectors and to ensure all are benefited by the traditional system of financing. We will ensure that major portion of the profit from the business will be focused and distributed to the wellbeing and happiness of the Society. I strongly believe that this kind of vision may instill enthusiasm among similar organizations and groups to think and follow our path ensuring drastic changes in the lifestyle of the needy. As I always say we must BE the change that we wish to see in our lives and in the world. Be the change starting this very moment.